All the positive reviews from our Up In The Air readers.

Finally, Up In The Air by Paddy Stapleton (Orla Kelly publishing) is an absolutely rollicking tale of a young hurler who wants to be captain of his under-14 team, told through a straight narrative interspersed with his dairy entries.The dialogue is hilarious and knowing and the action barrels along. Stapleton won two All-Irelands playing for Tipperary and has clearly found his calling here."

- The Irish Times

Paddy, I just want to let you know you book "Up in the Air" is a massive hit with the 5th class boys.... we are reading it both collectively in school & individually at home for homework...the boys can really empathise with the main characters & can't wait to read the next chapter...well done's a fabulous book.. fair play.”

- National School Teacher, Templemore.

Two words , Excellent Read. Really good and enjoyable book that I can relate to. It was never too predictable and the characters were very fun to read about."

- Conor aged 13

My two 10 year old girls loved it, not just for boys, the story grabbed them straight away!!!! Great book!!!!"

- Parent.

Charlie said it’s very good and is loving the main character Fitzy. He’s reading it in school as his DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read). He loves the fact that it’s about hurling and that’s what drew him to it. As he says himself, he’s engrossed in it!.”

- Parent, Kilkenny.

My son hates reading but loves sport. He is on Chapter 4 of the book and eager to keep reading.”

- Parent, Waterford.

Paddy you definitely have a hidden talent. Bought the book 2 weeks’s so funny and we really enjoyed reading son could relate to Fitzy on match days…Well done, looking forward to part 2.”

- Parent, Tipperary.

My little one is stuck in it Paddy. Delighted with it. Pity he doesn’t like his homework as much”

- Parent, Tipperary.

Well Paddy, happy new year...must to tell you my child finished reading your book today (He's 8 years.)...loved it, thought Preston was very funny, had a laugh at names like Monkey Killane, Bones, Scampy etc...He's wondering if there's a sequel coming out??? He only started reading it last week & couldn't leave it down!!!"

- Parent.

Paddy just a quick question, do you have other books published besides 'Up In The Air' which has been a huge hit in my house.  He's asked tonight if you have other books. This is a no brainer for us as he only likes reading books with a connection to sport. In his own words, I love it cause it's so Irish!"

- Parent.

Paddy, Michael loves your book, Fitzy, Buff etc. He finds it really clever and funny!"

- Parent.

My 5th and 6th class in Drangan absolutely love this book! We are halfway through so hopefully will be back to it soon! Well done on writing such a great book"

- Primary School Teacher.